Friday, January 4, 2013

Howto...Have Your Own Personal Bank Guild

This guide will describe how to make a guild to use for additional storage slots for non-soul/accountbound items.


Guild Stash
Influence | Description | Gold Needed
500 | Research Architecture Level 1 | 1g
1000 | Research Architecture Level 2 | 2g
1000 | Guild Stash | 2g

Total Influence = 2500
Total Money Needed = 5g

Guild Treasure Trove
(everything from Guild Stash above)
Influence | Description | Gold Needed
5000 | Research Architecture Level 3 | 10g
10000 | Research Architecture Level 4 | 20g
5000 | Guild Treasure Trove | 10g

Total Influence = 20000 (not including the 2500 for Guild Stash)
Total Money Needed =40g (not including the 5g for Guild Stash)

Deep Cave
(everything from Treasure Trove above)
Influence | Description | Money Needed
20000 | Research Architecture Level 5 | 40g
10000 | Deep Cave | 20g

Total Influence = 30000 (not including the 2500 for the Guild Stash or the 20000 for the Guild Treasure Trove)
Total Money Needed =60g (not including the 5g for Guild Stash or the 40g for the Guild Treasure Trove)

You will need 105g to get it all.


All the magic happens in the Guild Dialog, so press [G] now.

The first thing you need to do is create a guild. If you are currently Representing a guild, press Stand Down button.

Stand Down leaves you in the state of not repping any guild, allowing you to press the Create Guild button.

Once pressed, the follow window appears.  Name your new Guild and give it a Guild tag and press Create Guild.  I hope you can swing the 1s!

At this point, you should see something similar to the following:

 Click on the middle icon on the left side, (Upgrades).  You will see nothing currently.

Click on Architecture.  Here is where you need to "purchase" your upgrades to get your desired storage.

Now it's time to spend some money!!

To get the Guild Stash, (50 non-soul/accountbound item slots):

Spend 500 influence for the Research Architecture level 1, then 1000 influence for the Research Architecture level 2...

...and 1000 influence for the Guild Stash itself.

Note: You do NOT need the Guild Workshop.

To get the Treasure Trove, (100 non-soul/accountbound item slots):

Once Research Architecture Level 1 is completed, Research Architecture Level 2 will become available.  That will be 1000 influence.  Once Research Architecture Level 2 is complete, you will need to get Research Architecture Level 3 for 5000 influence, then Research Architecture Level 4 for 10000 influence.

To get the Deep Cave, (100 non-soul/accountbound item slots):
Buy Research Architecture Level 5 for 20000 influence, then the Deep Cave for 10000 influence.

Getting Influence

Location Nafni[Guild Promoter] in Lion's Arch.

When it's all said and done, you should see the following in Current Upgrades...

...and the following in Architecture, (never to be used).